A brief history

Unique Apparel Solutions is the culmination of 30 years experience in the uniform and apparel decorating industry.  Melding two generations, we’ve kept the old-school Chicago hand shake mentality while utilizing all that technology offers to bring our customers a “unique” solution for their uniform and apparel needs.

The Early Years

Unique’s roots started in the early 80’s as Northwest Uniforms.  One of the first full service uniform suppliers in the suburbs.  At the same time, out of a garage just a few towns over, Direct Impressions was churning out hand made, custom screen printed tees.

The 90’s

With a shift in direction during the 90’s, and 15 years of servicing the uniform industry as a manufacturers rep, we saw an opportunity to provide uniform stores with high quality embroidery, at a good price, with a quick turn around.  Thus entering the new millennium….


Since 2001, we have provided the uniform industry with high quality embroidery.  Over the years, we expanded our production services to include screen printing, embroidered emblems, custom cut vinyl, decals, metal pins and badges, graphic design, and alterations.

In 2007 we launched our first e-Commerce store.  Allowing businesses to purchase product as they needed it and not be stuck with the over head.

Seeing a need for change in the uniform industry, UAS packaged all of our “Unique” services  to create a seamless and convenient process for managing and ordering uniforms.   Unique Apparel Solutions was born…

As the years roll on, UAS continues to tweak and update our platform to keep up with the modern demand of our customers needs, as well as the ever changing way we access the internet. With an in-house design and programming team, the solutions are endless.

Join the “Unique” family and see why services matter.


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